Creating a Lasting Look in the North East, UK

Look beautiful for longer by taking advantage of the semi permanent make up I  provide. Based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Sick of sweating your make-up off in the gym?

Tired doing the school run without your make-up on, because you haven't got time?

Do you want stunning natural make-up 24 hours a day?

Why semi permanent make up?

There are many  benefits to using semi permanent make up.  This is an ideal treatment for anyone who regularly uses eyebrow pencils or who has little to no brows. Or even for those who just want a more defined brow. It is a must for women who regularly apply - or have difficulty applying - eyeliner.And is essential for women who wnat the confidence that their lips will always look the perfect shape, fullness and colour.

Keeping Colours Boosted

It is recommended that customers boost the colour of their semi permanent make up every 18 months. The cost of this essential service ranges between an affordable £50 and £70. What's more, I am fully capable of boosting the colour of make up tattoos done by other technicians. I can also colour and shape correct other technician's work. The price of this service depends on the complexity of the work involved.

Before and After Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Keep Costs Low and Free Consultations

As with the  semi permanent treatments and beauty treatments I provide, I take pride in delivering value to my customers. That's why a range of offers exist to reduce the overall cost of the treatments you receive. For example, all three areas covering lip lining, complete eye lining, and eyebrows is available for just £500  – services which typically cost £199 each. In addition, free consultations are available for anyone who might wish to discuss a treatment before having it completed. Whether you would prefer to chat over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting, I will happily arrange to evaluate your treatment and provide an accurate price for my work.

Contact me today, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, for more information about semi permanent make up and eyebrow microblading.